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At the age of 16, I left home for family reasons. It's nice to jump out, but you can't live without work. That 's why I started washing the stalls with cups . But this cup wash changed my life a lot.

At the food stall, I learned how to cook while washing the cups . And as I gain experience, I hope I can cook little by little. I have been working hard every day. It was a mess. One day, the customers who ate the food I made liked it very much. The customer runs a restaurant in Delhi and I was immediately pulled out.

One day, as I continued to improve my cooking skills at the new restaurant, another person liked my food very much. He was the manager of a five-star hotel in Delhi . Since then, I have often been called as a chef at his home party. My food was recognized there as well, and I was able to become the chef of the 5-star hotel.

Why don't you come to Japan with 8 years of experience? Received an invitation. Finally here in Japan. After 7 years of training in Japan, I deeply understood the taste of Japanese taste.

I'm still studying Japanese. So, honestly, my Japanese may be difficult to understand. But the taste is certain. I want you to enjoy my food as well.

Thank you very much for your relationship.

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